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Your Local Aged and Disability Support Specialists

Continence and Catheter Care

Our trained Nurses can assist you with managing your Catheter and Continence requirements.  We can work with your doctor to solve any issues that may arise, and can help with referring you to a specialist for follow up care.

Diabetes Care

Core Care Community Services Nurses would help you to control your diabetes, in your own home by working with your general practitioner (GP) and your family if they are having trouble administering your insulin. In line with your GP recommendation, we can help making changes to your diet, introducing a new exercise program, taking care of your feet, taking tablets or receiving injections from our nursing team if you need.

Medication Management

Core Care Community Services Nurses would help you learn more about the medication you are starting, take your medication properly, understand how to monitor your symptoms and what to report back to your GP. Also we would support you to make sure you’ve taken your medication as prescribed.

Stoma Care

Core Care Community Services Nurses would help you understand how to care for your stoma, solve any issues that arise, learn what other resources are available to you in the community.

Wound Management

best-practice wound management techniques would be used by Core Care Community Services Nurses to diagnose and treat your wound and support skin integrity so you can heal successfully and maintain your quality of life. We can also provide education and management to cognitively impaired clients to prevent or manage behaviours that may affect their skin integrity.

At Core Care Community Services we liase with relevant wound care care agencies and services in order to ensure that quality wound care management is delivered to you as our client.

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